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Why Carroll Career Consultants?

We often hear about a top performer’s journey in achieving their success. From professional sports icons to Fortune 500 leaders to the brilliant minds of the tech world, these successes are most often realized with a strategic plan and the guidance and encouragement of a career coach. With over 20 years of experience in career development, training and transition, our team of culturally diverse career development experts are highly skilled, degreed and/or certified counselors, coaches and trainers with proven track records. We partner with our clients to know, understand and achieve their vision. We use tried and true tools, as well as cutting edge techniques that provide effective, consistent and measurable outcomes. We even train our industry professionals. Interested in our Career Development Facilitator (CDF) training? Download our brochure.

Overview of Services

CCC Expertise

Are you working in your career or managing your career?  Are you exploring a career change or an encore career?  Or are you simply looking to downsize your professional life and looking for a career that inspires you? Carroll Career Consultants has the expertise and resources to discover the best path for you to venture.

Career & Executive Coaching

Full service professional and executive level coaching.  Click here for more information.

Career & Management Training

Customized career management training and workshop facilitation.  Click here for more information.

Career Consulting

Career program design, consulting and management for federal and corporate clients.  Click here for more information.

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Career Coaching


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Michelle, You truly made a difference as my coach during my recent job application/interview process. The odds were against me, but your guidance made it possible for my resume to sail through the automated selection process and I was tagged as a best candidate. During the actual interview, I was able to confidently participate, in control of my presentation of myself. In our coaching sessions, you immediately honed in on what I needed to do at each stage. You helped me clarify my message and identify the most important content to include in my resume and present during my interview. As a bonus, you also gave me general advice based on my personality that I’ve been able to implement and learned tips for additional ways to connect with those around me. We only met twice on my resume and three times before my interview, five hours total, but what a positive impact you made! And in the end…I got the job! I am now a team lead in the government at only 29 years of age; the next team lead in my organization is more than 15 years older than me. Thank you again for your expert advice, I am so appreciative of you! Grade of New Position: 13/14

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Public Engagement and Outreach Team Lead

Toot Your Own Horn: Writing Accomplishment Statements Workshop “It’s one of the best classes I have taken. I learned how to promote my technical skills without coming across as being boastful and to trust in what I expect out of myself, not from others. This class taught me that.” Grade of New Position: 13

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center